Be a Golf Star – golf career manager - free online golf game

A new online golf game that allows you to manage a golf career starting from scratch. The game allows you to manage the world of a virtual golfer beginning with the amateur years, and it is easy to do with just a few minutes a day. If you are ambitious, you can strive to be pro and compete to be number one in the Be a Golf Star virtual world; however, this won’t be easy. Or you can take a more laid back approach and set personal goals for improvement, or simply hit the course with some friends for fun.

Regardless of your mindset, Be a Golf Star has something to offer all those who love the sport for one reason or another. So if the weather isn’t great or you simply don’t have the time to make it to the course, why not do the next best thing and play online. This game provides everyone with the opportunity to achieve golf greatness, to Be a Golf Star!